ProSeal Weather Seal


Installation Instructions


Note:  The corner of the ProSeal™ must be positioned in the corner, formed by the door jam and the door, when the door is closed.  The shorter, thicker side of the ProSeal™ will be nailed to the door jam, while the longer, thinner side will press up against the garage door. 


1.   Cut the ProSeal™ to the match the lengths of the top and sides of the door jam, leaving about an inch extra. 

2.   Close the garage door.

3.   To install the top piece, start at one corner and position the ProSeal™ so the longer, thinner side is pressing against the garage door.  Attach the top piece across the door jam, using the galvanized roofing nails included in the kit.  The first nail should be positioned as close to the corner as possible, with the remaining nails positioned 4” apart.  As you approach the end, trim off the extra ProSeal™ so it fits snuggly into the corner.

4.   To install the side pieces, start at the top and attach the side piece as described above.


The ProSeal™ can be painted to match your home, by using the same paint that was used on the door jam.



Made in U.S.A.